Purpose, Disclaimer and License

Except for these introduction pages there are no help functions. The purpose from the beginning with this program has never been anything more than to store my own work when learning Greek to make it reusable. For that reason I started with storing all new words into an Excel file and used the random function to repeat them. The program has grown both in its possibilities and its amount of data. 

My sources are different textbooks, lexicons and grammars including,

1) in Swedish by Hans Ruge - Nygrekisk språklära "ΝΕΟΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΙΚΗ ΜΕ ΣΥΝΤΑΚΤΙΚΟ ΓΙΑ ΣΟΥΗΔΟΦΟΝΟΣ" (ISBN 91-44-22861-9) and

2) in Greek,  by Αnna Ιορδανιδου - The Verbs of the New Greek "ΤΑ ΡΗΜΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΝΕΑΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ" (ISBN9602936703) and 

3) some courses at the Hellenic Cultural Center in Arethousa, Ikaria, Greece. Plus a reasonable amount of  work...

This previous link to HCC is still working but the page is not longer updated and contains old information and a lot of nice pictures. Their new page is to be found here,

There may still be typing errors and other mistakes in the wordlists but I have tried to do my best and it is checked and rechecked again. I have tested the program at different computers and it  works  Win 98, Win2K and Win XP. It is virus- and worm checked by the latest methods.

 Win 95 users try it but I do not longer have means to test in that environment. If this version runs there tell me! 

However Lexoulla is licensed as it is without any warranties for Your private test purposes. It may not be redistributed in any form. This test version is free on the condition that comments and problems are reported back to me. No other use allowed. 

Lexoulla contains a lot of details and  is best viewed with screen resolution 1024 x 768 

Checked: 10 december 2006

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