How to use Lexoulla,  bottom of the screen: "Some verb forms"

Here is the verb δανείζομαι conjugated. Of the total of 8 tenses that exists according to the Greek school grammar all 3 simple forms; Present, Simple Past and Past Continuous is shown.

Of the remaining 5 compounded forms 4 are shown. Either the Perfect or the Past Perfect depending of your selection. Actually there is not a great difference between them. Both uses the auxiliary verb "have -έχω"  either in its Past perfect tense or its Perfect tense plus the past participle. The past participle is always the same as the 3:rd form of the Subjunctive of the verb, active or passive.

Finally, depending of your selection, 2 out of 3 future forms, the Simple and the Continuous Future if combined with the particle "θα". 

If combined with the particle "να" it makes the Simple and Continuous forms of the Subjunctive which is not a tense. It is also used after other particles such as "θα, ας,όταν,μόλις,πριν,μη" and "αν".  

The small fields A and P shows the page number in the book, Τα Ρήματα της νεας Ελληνικής with the complete pattern of the verb. 

Most list fields are editable and changes will update in the database when you leave the field with the enter button! If you leave the field by other means, such as clicking with the mouse or using the tab there is no update.




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Checked: 10 december 2006